1. I understand that course withdrawals are irreversible.  I will not be able to request a grade for withdrawn classes at a later date, and withdrawn courses will not count toward graduation.
  2. I understand that withdrawn courses will appear on my official transcript with a grade of 'WC', indicating that the course was attempted but not completed.  Grades of 'WC' will not affect my GPA, but the credit hours are still counted as Attempted Hours for Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and in the determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress (probation calculations).  [If approved for Withdrawal with Special Circumstances, the credit hours will not be counted as Attempted Hours.]
  3. I understand that I will not receive a refund for these courses.
  4. I understand that these hours will continue to count toward my semester credit hours. (For instance, if I am enrolled in 12 hours and drop a 3-credit class, I will still be considered a full-time student with 12 hours, because the 3 hours will still be counted as Attempted Hours. Similarly, if I am enrolled in 19 hours and withdraw from a 3-credit hour class, I am not eligible to add another 3-hour course, because my attempted semester hours will remain at 19.)
  5. I understand that courses are not guaranteed to be offered each semester. Therefore, there is a possibility that a withdrawn course may not be available in the coming semester. I accept responsibility for the impact that this withdrawal may have upon my progression to graduation.

I agree with each of the above statements and request that my withdrawal(s) be processed as indicated.

  • Yes
  • No