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Academic Probation Management Program (APMP) Contract

Failure to Comply with this contract could result in your suspension or dismissal from Benedict College
  • You have been placed on academic probation for failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). To have the probationary status removed, you must achieve both the cumulative qualitative and quantitative standards listed in the College's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.
  • Failure to meet the cumulative SAP standards identified below will result in Financial Aid Suspension and may result in Academic Suspension or Dismissal (please see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in the Benedict College catalogue for complete information on SAP policies and procedures):
Qualitative Standard:
Cumulative Credit Hours Earned Minimum Required Cumulative GPA
1 - 15 1.75
16 - 29 1.8
30 - 45 1.9
46+ 2.0

**Quantitative Standard:
Cumulative Hours Earned / Cumulative Hours Attempted = .666 or higher

  • Failure to meet requirements of this contract at the midterm period could result in administrative withdrawal.
  • While on Academic Probation, you must earn BOTH a 2.0 grade point average and 2/3 of the credit hours you attempt in this semester. If you meet this goal this semester, you will not be academically suspended or dismissed. 
  • Students on Academic Probation will be required to attend the following. One-on-one meetings with advisors, academic support workshops and tutoring. 

  • I have read and understand the reason(s) I am on Academic Probation and the consequences if I do not meet the Benedict College Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.