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1. Please disregard the O and Y codes on your schedule.   
Courses were originally designated as Hybrid (Y), Online (O), or Virtual/Self-Paced (VL).  However, in response to student requests for increased faculty interaction, we’ve updated many more of the spring offerings to be hybrid, which allows on-campus students to participate in face-to-face sessions.  Follow the times and locations on each course rather than the letter designations.  And remember that ALL courses, regardless of letter designation, can be completed online. 
2. Class Meeting Times - Synchronous vs. Asynchronous 
If your class has a day and time listed, your professor will be teaching the course at that scheduled time.  Log into Zoom to participate in real time (=synchronous participation).  If you can't make the scheduled time, you can view the Zoom recording and catch up on coursework independently in E360 (=asynchronous participation).  Due to the challenges presented by COVID, there is no penalty for not being able to attend at the scheduled time - just make sure you're keeping up with the assignment dates.  (Don't let your work pile up!!!)   
3. Face-to-Face Meetings for On-Campus Residents 
For the first week, all classes are being held virtually.  But starting Tuesday, January 19th, on-campus students will have the option to attend face-to-face class sessions at the scheduled class times.  Due to COVID distancing restrictions, we must limit the number of students in the classroom; however, our goal is to allow each student to attend approximately once per week.  There is no penalty for on-campus students who choose to attend virtually.  (Unfortunately, due to COVID protocols, off-campus residents are not allowed to attend face-to-face sessions.)   
4. Courses with no assigned times: Self-Paced, Asynchronous Classes 
If your course does not have an assigned time, it is a completely online, asynchronous course.  You will still have access to the instructor if you need assistance, but all materials will be provided in E360 so that students can work more at their own pace.   Log into E360 for more instructions on how to complete the course (course assignments, deadlines, a​nd how to contact the instructor). 
5. What are those course evaluation pop ups??? 
They're not really course evaluations.  We need to track that students have logged into each of their courses in order to confirm enrollment and finalize your financial aid.  In 360, you'll see an "evaluation" pop up on each of your courses, asking you to confirm your intention to be enrolled in each course.  Please read it carefully and acknowledge receipt for EACH class.  If you don't respond for each course by January 29, the course(s) will be dropped from your schedule!!